The Importance of a Complete Page

12.02.21 03:30 PM By Colin Thompson


 What you post on your social media pages should serve as a tailored look into your company. However, a good digital presence does not stop with posts, the content of social media profiles can be just as influential.   


Create a recognizable brand


It all starts with your business and your brand. Properly sized cover photos and profile pictures that fit your brand and aesthetic are essential factors in your profile. Branding your cover photos is one way to create continuity across platforms and make your business stand out. Each image should look appealing on both the mobile and computer version of the site. 

FULLY Complete the profile


Just like with branding, messaging needs to remain consistent according to your profile and platforms. Make note of the keywords, descriptors, and style of writing. Keep in mind you want to remain loyal to your brand voice and create a connection with your target audience. This will define if you are more casual or formal and if you are more playful or serious.


Every platform has different parameters for your profile including pictures, bios, and the ability to link to your other social media accounts and, especially, your website. Include all information and answer all fields possible within every profile. Make sure your bio(s) are all complete and you communicate what you do and why it is important. 


Finally, social media is THE place for self promotion. You want your profiles to not only look good and reflect your brand, but to draw in and connect with your audience. The more personalization, the better.


Please know you can always contact us with questions. We believe each social media account is unique and the best way to grow is based on specific data and evidence.   

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