Small But Mighty

23.03.21 02:54 PM By Colin Thompson

Small Businesses Can Be More Effective Than Large Companies


Small businesses have the true advantage on social media. Sure, large companies have an office full of staff and plenty to spend on advertising, but most of them don't have the same online community that small businesses do. 


We join social media networks to stay connected to friends and family, and seeing their photos is particularly appealing. People start to like and follow business for the same reason. They associate their local and small vendors as part of their community. 


However, ask those same people if they see the large brands they like on facebook as part of their community. 


Often the scale and physical distance of larger businesses makes it much harder to build a genuine and lasting connection with customers. This meaningful community can be found with smaller, local businesses who can create and maintain bonds with customers and followers easily.


Small businesses can cultivate an amazing community of supporters with the right social media strategy. The personalized attention from business owners gives customers a sense of community that large companies can't duplicate.

When, what, where, and how, you post your message is important. Each business is different, and we have designed a variety of resources to help. 




Our social media optimization program- This program is specially designed for groups of businesses who want to learn more about social media and how to optimize their social media presence. Small business owners can sign up as a group and participate for a lower cost. Each program is specially designed for the group and lasts four to six months depending on the group's preference. 


Our social media partnership program- This program allows us to design a customized education program that gives the small business owner all the resources to grow their online community. Check out our previous blog post on the program here:


Social media management: if your social media is just too much for you alone, we can help you manage it. This custom approach allows the owner to be as involved as they would like. Many people don't want the hassle of writing posts or creating graphics, but love responding to comments and connecting with customers through messenger. Others don't want to worry about it. Each agreement is completely customized as needed.