New Year, New Opportunities

14.01.21 05:32 PM By Colin Thompson
Setting realistic expectations for the new year is important. 

COVID-19 has permanently changed our world. And, although we won't be saying farewell to masks and social distancing just yet, it has pushed an already technology reliant society even further into the digital world. Online ordering, video chats, and high social media engagement are all becoming lasting necessities for success. 

The convenience of the internet makes it easy for customers to access information. Why call to ask a question or go in search of an email address when you can send a quick message on Instagram or Facebook? Your digital presence is more important than ever before. How you present yourself on your website, Google Business, and social media has become a major factor in success. And, while initially it seems like large, already successful companies may have an advantage here, that is not always true. 

Small Business are uniquely positioned to succeed online. People want to connect with and support those in their community. Many people consider small businesses to be part of their friend circle and are more likely to engage with them online than with a large retail or fast food chain. We crave interaction with our friends and, now more than ever, those interactions are digital.

We recognize transitioning to a more digital age can be a daunting task. And as a result we’ve spent the last six months developing a program that gives Small Business owners the tools to build their online community and grow their social media presence. 

This program, a partnership between our two small businesses, takes a phased approach with simple action items between meetings. The first phase builds on various topics as we help you develop messaging plans and your first social media content calendar. In the second phase, we take a step back allowing you to take the reins fully but with our assistance and advice regarding content calendars and profile optimization. The third phase provides an avenue for questions, data analysis, or other involvement and is entirely customized to meet your needs. Each phase is customized to your specific needs and each session is recorded and posted along with other resources on a private client portal. 

We take clients on a limited bases in order to best serve the needs of our partners. We have only a few spaces left for January. Contact us today for more information. 

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