The Power of the Share

14.05.21 03:46 PM By Colin Thompson - Comment(s)

 Share - it has more power than you might imagine. It is far more valuable than many paid advertisements or boosted posts. 


The average person on Facebook has 200-300 friends. Sharing a post from a small business promoting their services or product is essentially that individual's way...

Small But Mighty

23.03.21 02:54 PM By Colin Thompson - Comment(s)


Small businesses have the true advantage on social media. Sure, large companies have an office full of staff and plenty to spend on advertising, but most of them don't have the same online community that small businesses do. 


We join social media networks to stay connected to friends...

The Importance of a Complete Page

12.02.21 03:30 PM By Colin Thompson - Comment(s)
The Importance of a Complete Page


 What you post on your social media pages should serve as a tailored look into your company. However, a good digital presence does not stop with posts, the content of social media profiles can be just as influential.   


Create a recogn...

New Year, New Opportunities

14.01.21 05:32 PM By Colin Thompson - Comment(s)
Setting realistic expectations for the new year is important. 

COVID-19 has permanently changed our world. And, although we won't be saying farewell to masks and social distancing just yet, it has pushed an already technology reliant society even further into the digital world. Onli...